ABC Highlights

Gardening Porfolio Monthly Circ has increased 7% across the board.
  • Garden Answers (monthly) achieved its 15th consecutive YOY ABC increase to 58,289 average copies circulated, up 14.5% POP and 34.6% YOY. Subscriptions increased to 43,634, up 28.6% POP and 42.7% YOY.

  • Garden News (weekly) also increased ABC to 39,613 average copies circulated, up 4.9% POP and 18.2% YOY.  Subscriptions increased to 17,723, up 18.7% POP and 22.0% YOY.
  • Landscape also saw stellar growth in subscriptions to increase overall average circulation to 37,289, up 25.2% YOY. Subscriptions increased by 79.5% YOY to 23,598

  • Modern Gardens subscription figures are up 51.2% YOY, the title records a total figure of 25,391
Source: TBC